Solar Gadgets for the Home

Green, renewable energy is becoming more available in technology today. Solar technology is one of the greenest forms of energy and now, more than ever, solar-powered gadgets are becoming more easily available. Next time you’re looking for a new household gadget, consider going solar to help conserve energy. Here are a few of our favorite household solar gadgets.


FlipFlic is a simple, self-adjusting, solar-powered window blind controller. Triggered by built in light and temperature sensors, just clip it to the edge of your blinds and it will automatically adjust your blinds; it also gives you the option to manually schedule through an app when you want the blinds to adjust. The solar power technology automates your window blinds in just a few seconds – perfect for horizontal or vertical windows. It’s especially helpful when you are away from home, in case you forgot to block out the light before you left. It can also be paired with existing smart home systems such as ZigBee, Homecontrol, Homekit, Wink, SmartThings and Athom.

Ellum Solar Light

This smart, solar-powered lighting system is motion sensor and powers on if you are moving in the dark. Additional features include a touch dimmer, and its magnetic quality makes it easily movable and transferable to any desired location in your home. Once fully charged by the sun, the light can last up to four continuous hours in the dark and allows you to adjust the brightness with the touch dimmer. Its multitude of purposes make it a great desk lamp, night light, or whatever light is needed in your home.

Ring Doorbell

This innovative doorbell has a solar plate which allows it to charge in the sunlight, giving it constant power. Ring has video features, allowing you to see guests at your door from anywhere – just connect it to the app. This doorbell was created to help reduce crime, catch porch pirates, and make neighborhoods safer. In addition, it comes with infrared LED flood lights for night and two-way audio. This solar-powered doorbell is smart and safe.

Modern Sprout Hydro Planter Pot

This hydroponic planting system waters and feeds your plants with nutrients so you will never have to worry about neglecting your plants. Features come with three pots in one, so you don’t have to choose just one lucky plant. This is the ultimate solution to your gardening troubles – you don’t have to upkeep your plants! The system is self-sustaining; just place it under a windowsill and let the sunlight do all the work for you.

Go green and opt for more solar-powered technology. Solar technology gadgets are the sun’s favorite form of technology.