Fun Fall Family Activities

There’s no time like fall to take advantage of brisk weather and beautiful scenery. Looking for a few fun outdoor activities for your whole family to enjoy? We’ve got you covered! Next time you find yourself looking for ways to enjoy the season, consider these low-cost, eco-friendly ideas for your family.

Pumpkin Picking

Probably the most popular fall activity for the whole family is pumpkin picking. It seems as if there are pumpkin patches around every street corner during this time of year, so don’t miss out on taking the whole family for a colorful photo-op – not to mention the lifelong memories that go with it. The fun doesn’t have to stop there – take home a big orange pumpkin, and have the whole family share in pumpkin carving.

Hay Rides

After pumpkin picking, hay rides may be the next most popular activity offered at fall festivals and fairs throughout the country. Typically, hayrides offer scenic and serene rides complete with crisp, fall temperatures through beautiful countrysides, but a new trend of haunted hayrides is popping up around the country. Take your family to the local haunted hayride … if you dare!

Bobbing for Apples

We all know this activity to be a traditional Halloween party game, but apple bobbing can be a fun family game to play throughout the fall season. Best to find a nearby orchard where the kids can pick a bushel of apples themselves to use for the game. Weber’s Cider Mill Farm near Baltimore, Maryland, is a perfect destination not only for apple picking, but also for crafts and events like a hayride or corn maze.

Corn Maze

All kids need an outdoor activity that is going to challenge their growing minds. A corn maze is that perfect fall entertainment that offers more mental stimulation than most. Many farms across the country have become very creative with the shapes and the designs of their corn mazes. See which family member can get through the corn maze most quickly for some fun, family competition.


One of the best things about living in the Northeast is experiencing all four seasons. Take advantage of this, and plan a hike with the family to view the changing foliage. Cheesequake State Park in New Jersey is home to many combinations of vegetation – from salt marshes to dense forests. The Two Mile Loop at Mill Creek Park in Ohio is a great option as well, which offers fourteen hiking trails in the park, all with scenic views.