About Sperian Energy

An Electricity Company That Works for You
Sperian Energy

About Sperian Energy


Sperian Energy Corporation is a retail energy provider operating in Illinois, Maryland, Ohio, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. Founded in 2011, we deliver exceptional service, innovative technology, and competitive pricing to both residential and commercial customers.

Our leadership team possesses over 50 combined years of expertise and experience in all aspects of the oil and gas industry. We know what it takes to create electricity products and plans that truly impact the lives of our customers. We’re also part of the Sackett National Holdings Family of companies, which ensures our position of strength and stability in the energy marketplace.

But what truly sets Sperian Energy apart as an electricity company is our penchant for putting your needs first, and for us, that means helping you understand all that energy choice has to offer you.

The Power is in Your Hands

Energy deregulation provides you the opportunity to switch to the electricity company that’s right for you. At Sperian Energy, we take that a step further by giving you the ability to choose the plan you like most. You can:

  • Choose a fixed rate plan to lock in a rate for the contract term of your choice; OR
  • Select a variable rate plan that gives you freedom from a contract.

Switching is easy, convenient, and reliable. How your home gets power stays the same – only your bill changes to reflect your new rate with Sperian.

The choice is yours, so why not choose a company that encourages you to take advantage of that choice? Try Sperian Energy today.