Management Team


The Sperian Energy management team brings a wealth of experience and years of industry knowledge in the retail energy industry. Our management team is dedicated to provide and improve electricity service for both residential and commercial customers.

Sperian Management Team

Paul Keene, CEO of Sperian Energy LinkedIn

As CEO of Sperian Energy, Paul Keene is leading all of our growth and expansion efforts in new and existing markets. A creative, versatile energy executive, Paul has spent a majority of his career focused on deregulated retail energy and solar markets across the U.S.

Prior to joining the Sperian Energy team, Paul has led multiple businesses through significant growth in revenues and profits, including as President of Green Mountain Energy, VP & GM of NRG Retail Northeast (Mass Markets), VP & GM of Reliant Mid Markets, and VP of Community Solar at NRG Home Solar.

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Nick Cioll

Nick Cioll, CFO of Sperian Energy LinkedIn

Nick Cioll brings with him to his role as Sperian’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) more than 25 years of related experience in the energy and commodities industries.
With extensive experience in the retail, wholesale and trading of both electricity and natural gas, Nick possesses a deep understanding of the nuances of all aspects of the energy industry.

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SNH, Inc. Management Team

Jevin Sackett

Jevin Sackett, Chief Executive Officer LinkedIn

As Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the privately held Sackett National Holdings, Jevin Sackett provides executive oversight and direction to SNH and its subsidiaries. Prior to assuming the role of CEO, Jevin held several senior management positions with SNH subsidiary National Credit Center—a company founded in 1996 to provide technology and credit reporting products to the automotive industry.

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John Bauer

John Bauer, Chief Operating Officer LinkedIn

As Chief Operating Officer (COO) for Sackett National Holdings (SNH), John Bauer plays a key role in the company’s senior management, with oversight of the Accounting, Human Resources, Real Estate and Marketing functions. With more than 25 years of directly related experience, John brings to his position the business foresight and acumen required as SNH continues its remarkable growth.

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Ajit Habbu

Ajit Habbu, Chief Financial Officer LinkedIn

In his role as Chief Financial Officer of SNH and its subsidiaries, Ajit provides financial oversight and leadership for the company’s administrative, risk and operations management. With more than 15 years experience as CFO for several leading corporations, Ajit possesses a proven track record of creating value, and a strong leadership focus on team building and performance management.

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Eric Ring, Chief Information Officer

Eric Ring, Chief Information Officer LinkedIn

In his role as Chief Information Officer (CIO) for SNH–a company whose hallmark is offering clients state-of-the-art technology–Eric Ring plays a pivotal role ensuring that both SNH, and its customers, receive the maximum possible benefit from the high quality data the company provides.

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Alan Faigin, General Counsel and Secretary

Alan Faigin, General Counsel and Secretary LinkedIn

As General Counsel for Sackett National Holdings, Alan Faigin provides legal oversight and guidance for the company and all of its subsidiaries. In addition to bringing SNH’s corporate litigation, risk management and corporate governance functions in-house, Alan’s responsibilities as General Counsel include formalizing the Board of Directors process, establishing governance policies and managing acquisition transactions and litigations.

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