Solar Gadgets for the Home

Green, renewable energy is becoming more available in technology today. Solar technology is one of the greenest forms of energy and now, more than ever, solar-powered gadgets are becoming more easily available. Next time you’re looking for a new household gadget, consider going solar to help conserve energy. Here are a few of our favorite household solar gadgets.

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Eco-Friendly Tailgating

Sports-lovers rejoice – football season has officially arrived! While we love a good tailgate as much as the next person, they can often result in lots of trash and energy consumed. It feels great to win, but it feels even better to do it in style. While you’re busy planning your next tailgate, keep these eco-friendly tips in mind.

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What Do I Do in a Power Outage?

Although it doesn’t happen to most of us nearly as often anymore, 500,000 people in the United States still experience a loss of power for two hours or more on any given day of the week. Severe weather is the major cause of these outages (tornadoes, hurricanes, strong winds, wildfires and other natural causes), although equipment failures account for some. Power outages cost our economy nearly $80 billion every year. The effect on those at home ranges from the inconvenience of losing the air conditioner on a hot day to the serious potential impact on those who depend on electrically-powered medical equipment.

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Conserving with Curtains

One of the least expensive ways to regulate temperature in your home is to invest in curtains. Curtains help to keep heat out, or lock it in, depending on the time of year. By you taking the proper approach to curtains, your AC or heater can avoid working harder than it needs to. Heat loss and heat gain directly affect the cost of your energy bill. Practice energy efficiency and reduce your energy bill with curtains. Continue reading “Conserving with Curtains”