Sperian Energy Delivers Competitive Electricity Rates for Your Business

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Energy Choice Puts You in Charge of Your Electricity Bill


At Sperian Energy, we believe that you know what’s best for your home. That’s why we provide several different electricity plans so you can select the one that fits your budget and lifestyle.

This is the benefit of living in an area of the country with deregulated energy markets. We compete with other electricity companies for your business, and you receive competitive prices and other perks that your local utility company simply can’t provide.

Sperian Energy vs Your Utility Company

If there’s one thing you should understand about energy choice for your home, it’s this:

With a fixed rate electricity plan, you pay the same electricity rate for your contract term, but with your local utility company, the rate you pay for your electricity can change every single bill.

Unlike your utility, you get to lock in one of our competitive electric rates for the term of your contract when you choose one of our fixed rate electricity plans so there’s no uncertainty on the rate you’re paying when it comes to your electricity bill.

Simple Switching with Sperian

It’s simple. All you need to switch to Sperian Energy for your home electricity is the most recent copy of your electricity bill from your utility company.

  1. Choose the Sperian Energy electricity plan that you like most.
  2. Enter your account number as part of your order.
  3. Complete your order.

We’ll talk to your utility company for you to complete the switch!

You’ll never experience any interruption of power or billing. In fact, your electricity bill will continue to be issued by your local utility company. You’ll just see “Sperian Energy” listed on the “Supply” portion of your bill along with the total cost of your electric supply calculated at the rate that you selected.

Whichever fixed rate electricity plan you select, you can count on reliable energy service from your utility company and superior customer service from Sperian Energy.