Residential Services

In states with deregulated energy markets, Sperian Energy provides consumers with the power of choice. Consumers can now select Sperian as their retail energy provider and then opt for a Sperian rate plan that best meets their specific budgeting needs. For example, residential customers can select a variable rate or lock-in a fixed rate for a period of three-months to a year.

Energy Deregulation: How It Works

With deregulation, the monopoly held by electric utilities is replaced with competing sellers. This allows individual retail customers to choose their electricity supplier, which will still deliver power over the local utility’s power lines. Unbundling electricity generation from the transmission and distribution portion provided by utilities enables new suppliers in the market like Sperian to compete to provide electricity to consumers.

Sperian is licensed by state agencies to operate within our specific service areas.

Your regional utility continues to service the transmission and distribution portion of your electricity bill. As your retail energy provider, Sperian will process your invoicing and payments, and your bill will clearly describe the costs associated with each component of your energy costs.

Sperian Energy: Switch Today

Ready to switch? Contact Sperian’s energy experts to get started. Don’t worry – the lights won’t flicker. Your energy delivery won’t be impacted for a second. The only change you’ll see is in your bill.