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Residential Energy Rates


Sperian helps consumers take advantage of choice in the deregulated energy markets by offering competitive energy rates.

Our energy rates vary depending upon a variety of factors including, but not limited to:

  • Fluctuations in the pricing of energy generation
  • State and regional market trends
  • Contract length

Fixed vs. Variable Energy Rates

Are you looking to take advantage of the current rate or would you like the peace of mind of a fixed rate that avoids volatility? Sperian offers both options. Variable rates allow customers to sign up for energy without having to pay an enrollment fee or an early termination fee, while fixed energy rates allow you to lock in a rate for three months, or in some cases, up to a year.

Your Energy Bill

Your electricity bill will continue to be issued by your local utility and under the Supply portion of your bill you will see Sperian Energy’s name. Next to Sperian Energy’s name you will also see the total cost of your electric supply calculated at the rate that you selected.

  • Supply: What you pay to companies that are generating electricity and selling it on the competitive wholesale market. Rates will fluctuate based weather and market conditions for other commodities.
  • Transmission: What you pay to transport the supply of electricity supply from its source such as a power plant to the local utility’s receiving station. The government regulates this service to ensure it’s reliable.
  • Distribution: This pays for transportation of electricity from the receiving station to your home or business.

Whichever rate plan you select, you can count on dependable energy service and Sperian’s superior customer service.