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Illinois Electricity Service


The Power of Illinois Electricity Service is in Your Hands

Thanks to energy deregulation, you have the ability to choose the Illinois electricity provider that you feel is right for your home. You can switch away from your utility company with ease and convenience, confident in the knowledge that you will never lose power and your billing will remain the same.

And with Sperian Energy, you can even take control over your electricity bill.

Why Should You Switch to Sperian?

We’ve got three words for you: fixed rate plan.

When you choose Sperian Energy as the Illinois energy company for your home, you can select an electricity plan that locks in the rate you pay for the electricity use for your entire contract term. You can even select the contract length that you like most!

This puts you in charge of your Illinois electricity bill. When you know what you pay per kilowatt-hour of electricity, you can monitor how and when you use electricity more effectively. Armed with that knowledge, it’s then easier to lower your energy costs and stay on budget each month.

Switching to Sperian is Simple

We shortened the electricity switching process to three basic steps, which means less confusion and fewer obstacles for you!

  1. Enter your ZIP code in the field above and click “Get Rates.”
  2. Review the plans for your area and click “Select” for the one you like most.
  3. Fill out the online order form (and be sure to enter your account number with your local utility company).

That’s it. You’re done. Seriously. We’ll take care of everything else. Your utility company will continue to send you a bill each month, but instead of seeing your rate change each bill, you’ll see the name “Sperian Energy” in the “Supply” area right next to your fantastic fixed rate.

Enjoy your energy independence!