Frequently Asked Questions


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Q: How is Sperian Energy different from my utility?

A: Your utility offers a rate according to their tariff, which can change throughout the year. Sperian offers a full array of rate plans including fixed and variable rate plans. Sperian’s rate plans are designed to give you, the customer, the flexibility to select the plan that best meets your needs.

Q: What sets Sperian Energy apart from other providers?

A: Sperian offers our customers a wide range of products and excellent customer service. This allows you, the customer, to select the electricity rate plan that is best for you.

Q: What is a utility?

A: A utility is your local provider of electricity and natural gas that handles all of your current service and delivery. It is a regulated entity by the state PUC and the FERC. All major decisions, including pricing are dictated by the state public utility commission.

Q: How do I report a power outage?

A: In the event of a power outage, you will contact your local utility for further assistance. Your local utility’s contact information is listed on your bill each month.

Q: How do I enroll with Sperian Energy?

A: To enroll with Sperian Energy, you can either enroll directly through our website by filling in the required fields on our sign up page, or call us at 888.682.8082. We work with you individually to choose the rate plan that best meets your needs and maintain our pledge to deliver excellent customer service.

Q: How do I find your different rate plans?

A: We know every customer is different, that’s why we want to work with you individually to find the plan that works best for you. Sign up through our website or call us directly to see what rate plans we can offer you today.

Q: Why do you ask for my current account number?

A: In order for Sperian to facilitate your enrollment for our energy services, you need to have an active account with the utility in your area. Sperian will supply your energy while your local utility will remain the delivery source. Your utility will also handle billing and payments in your individual territory.

Q: Does the utility account have to be in my name?

Yes, the name on your utility account must match the name you enroll with for Sperian. This will allow us to communicate properly with your local utility during your switch and confirm your information most effectively.

Q: Do I need to call my utility to enroll with Sperian?

A: No. Sperian manages notifying your local utility of the change and sends you a welcome letter to confirmation that your account has been successfully established.

Q: Where can I find my account number, meter number, and/or rate class?

A: These will all be displayed on the monthly invoice you receive from your local utility. If you don’t have a current invoice you can contact your utility’s customer service department and ask for this information.

Q: When will my service begin?

A: Sperian will activate your switch with the local utility. Service typically begins on your next meter read date after your enrollment is processed by your utility, usually within a 1 month period. Certain states and local utilities may have an expedited switching process, give Sperian customer service a call at 888.682.8082 to learn more.

Q: When I switch, will I temporarily lose power?

A: No. You will not experience any interruptions of service during the switch process. Sperian provides continuous service, coordinated with your local utility company.

Q: What is kWh and how does it factor into my rate plan?

A: kWh stands for Kilowatt Hour. Your meter measures your electricity use based upon the kilowatt (1,000 watts) per hour usage and invoices based upon your monthly consumption of energy. A typical usage for a residential customer ranges from a few hundred to a few thousand kilowatt hours. Your energy supply charge is your energy rate multiplied by the number of kWh you have used.

Q: When will I get my first bill?

A: You can expect Sperian Energy to be listed as your energy supplier on your first bill approximately 1 calendar month after your service begins with Sperian. Our charges are listed on your local utility company’s bill and may be found in the “Supply Charges” section of the bill.

Q: How do I find and pay my bill?

A: Your billing method will remain the same. You will continue to pay the balance listed on your local utility’s monthly bill. Sperian’s supply charges will appear on the local utility company bill, you currently receive. Sperian Energy will be happy to assist you in contacting your local utility for issues regarding your bill.